Triple FFF offers you a wide bouquet of services as part of the total handling process. These include :

Truck offloading

We offload your cargo fast, within 30minutes the delivery trucks in order to fast track the acceptance process and get the cargo into the into the cold room. Flower boxes are stacked onto pallets in a way that will enhance cooling once the consignment is in the cold room awaiting buildup. This helps to keep a tight cool chain.

Temperature registration

For all consignments, temperature readings are taken at random during the offloading process. This is done to establish delivery temperatures and advice the customer. In the event temperatures are too high, an opportunity to apply corrective measures, such as pre-cooling can be taken if time allows. This is upon the customer's request, at an extra charge.

Weighing Services

As part of the acceptance process, the consignment is weighed and a detailed acceptance docket is issued to the delivery agent.

X-ray screening

All cargo consignments are 100% screened prior to accessing the cold room.

Pallet and container Build-up

Our staff is qualified to build up pallets and containers to specific airline requirements.


This value addition service is available to customers who wish to bring down high delivery temperatures. The service goes a long way in maintaining the quality of the flowers and getting you the highest possible price for your produce.

Cold Storage

Our flexibility lies in the storage capacity. The facility has adequate storage space for approximately 100 main deck pallets at the optimum temperature of between 2-4⁰C

Seamless Cool Chain Handling

We offer the best possible cool chain handling for your perishables with the tightest control. We do this by ensuring that all perishables are quickly accepted into the cold room thereby minimizing exposure to the high external temperatures and are kept until the last possible moment before being released to the airline. All you have to do is deliver your consignment and we take care of the rest while you rest easy.