What is cool chain?

Cool Chain is the management of produce temperature, from harvesting through to the consumer, to maintain the quality of the product. Maintenance of the Cool Chain is the best way to minimize all forms of deterioration after harvesting, including Weight loss resulting in an unacceptable product for the customer.

We at Triple FFF understand that good Cool Chain management results in the consumer receiving a product of "fresh" quality, leading to greater satisfaction and increased demand. The export of fresh produce often involves long journey times and frequent handling. This makes effective Cool Chain management more difficult but even more essential to ensure the product offered for final sale retains maximum freshness.

Maintaining the Cool Chain is the responsibility of everyone who handles fresh produce, from production to retail sale. A breakdown in temperature control at any stage will impact on the final quality of the product, although the effect may not be visible until several days later. Without the cooperation of everyone involved in handling fresh produce, the consumer will not be able to enjoy the produce in the best possible condition.

The Triple FFF facility allows perishable produce to be rapidly received and prepared for air transport using the right combination of procedures for acceptance, cool build-up environment and handling services, thereby ensuring that the Cool Chain can be maintained, delivering "fresh" quality produce to the end user.